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Comfort is our top priority

SmolerXpress™ provides the most comfortable and pain-free implant procedures available. We offer pain-free local anesthetic, most commonly known as Oral Sedation. For some patients, depending on their treatment, we can offer a more relaxed procedure in a single visit, then IV Sedation may be the solution you are looking for.

Trust in Dr. Smoler. He’s performed thousands of implants dating back over 25 years and continues to educate himself on the latest techniques to ensure the best outcome for all of his patients.

Personalized care is what you deserve

Every patient is unique. At SmolerXpress™, we work with you to create a custom treatment plan that is built around your specific needs and objectives. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. To this end, we work with you before, during, and after treatment to ensure that you achieve maximum results. We don’t put every patient into the same treatment and only offer one or two options. We have a unique way to upgrade your care and treatment into more affordable and less overwhelming stages and phases. If finances dictate a less involved treatment plan, patients can still receive exceptional care with phases of treatment upgrades to make their desired treatment more affordable.

21st Century Consultations

SmolerXpress™ offers 21st Century Consultations. Using Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, or Google Meets, we can talk directly to you about your care without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. SmolerXpress™ attracts patients from all over the region. One way to make patients feel more comfortable before they either drive or fly out to meet us is using digital records (photographs, X-rays, and even Cone-Beam 3D CT scan). Dr. Smoler can give you options and suggestions just based on your records without having to make the commitment of traveling to our office. This helps to take the fear out of considering Dental Implant reconstruction.

All Your Dental Implant Needs- In One Place.

What SmolerXpress™ Offers

With an all-inclusive surgical center and a dental lab on-site, Dr. Bruce Smoler has made permanent tooth replacement with dental implants simple and affordable.

Learn if you are a candidate:

Pain-Free* & Comfortable Environment

Dr. Smoler is licensed in Oral & IV Sedation to make your dental implant procedures virtually pain-free and comfortable.

New Implant Technology

Providing patients with the latest technology for dental implants, including robotic-assisted implant placement.

Personalized Care

Everyone deserves high-quality, friendly, professional dental services.

Experienced & Educated

Dr. Smoler has over 30 years of implant services with >10,000 dental implant procedures.

Second Generation Dentist

Dr. Bruce A. Smoler has been involved in Implant Dentistry since 1985 and offers decades worth of insight, mentorship, and real-world knowledge.

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